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A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Development Bank of the Philippines, DBP Leasing Corporation provides financial products and services to help private enterprises and publicly-owned entities acquire new equipment and other productive capital assets. It offers alternative and easy lease-to-own financing solutions for the acquisition of new technology and capital intensive equipment for transport, logistics, construction, manufacturing, plant machineries, hospital and medical equipment, sustainable energy or energy efficiency systems, warehouses and office buildings.
As a government financial institution, DBP Leasing Corporation is committed to assist in the economic growth and development of the Philippines by providing leasing and other relevant financing services responsive to the needs of its customers.

What is Leasing?

Leasing is a form of medium-term financing suitable for acquiring assets such as machinery, equipment, vehicles, vessels and even buildings. It begins with the customer, or lessee, choosing the specific type of asset, which the leasing company then buys from the customer‘s preferred vendor then leases to the customer. The lease generally requires a minimal up-front cash outlay of 10-20% from the lessee in the form of a guaranty deposit. And depending on the type and durability of the asset, the lease term may run from 2-10 years, allowing the lessee unrestricted use while paying the rentals during much of the asset’s useful life. At the end of the lease, the lessee is given options on the disposal of the leased asset.

If you are in a highly competitive industry that demands frequent changes in technology, or when budget constraints prevent you from buying capital asset, leasing can make it easy and convenient for you to acquire that much needed asset, when you need it.

Benefits of Leasing?
  • Solves budget constraints in acquiring capital assets.
  • Provides medium-term financing of up to 10 years, depending on the type of asset.
  • Protects against interest rate fluctuations because lease payments can be fixed over the lease term.
  • Saves transaction cost due to absence of mortgage related expenses.
  • Improves Lessee’s asset monitoring and management functions.
  • Allows Lessee multiple asset disposal options at the end of lease.
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