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Formerly named National Development Corporation – Maritime Leasing Corporation, DBP Leasing Corporation was acquired by the Development Bank of the Philippines from the National Development Corporation on June 12, 2008. DBP then renamed the company DBP Maritime Leasing Corporation. Its SEC registration which included the increase in the capital stock was approved on May 11, 2009 under Company Registration No. 128538. DBP Maritime Leasing Corporation (DMLC) changed its name to DBP Leasing Corporation (DLC) on January 14, 2010 to reflect the change in the scope of its business as follows:

To engage in the business of leasing in all its aspects, and to arrange or underwrite or administer leases of all types of real or personal properties and all kinds of equipment, machines, vehicles , and facilities especially maritime vessels for the carriage of passengers, freight, cargo vehicles, goods and merchandise of every kind and description.

In 2014, DBP Leasing Corporation introduced additional financial services such as amortized commercial loan and receivables discounting to expand DLC’s services.

From a stockholders’ equity of P6.250 million in 2004, the amount increased to P847.97 million as of December 31, 2014.

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