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DBP Leasing Corporation is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. For any concerns and inquiries, you may contact our office at (632) 5304-7916 (Contact Us) or send an email to customerservice@dbp-leasing.ph. You may also call the BSP Financial Consumer Protection Department at (632) 708-7087 or send an email to consumeraffairs@bsp.gov.ph


Our Lease Product Services

Finance Lease

Ideal for lessees who want to show the leased asset in their balance sheet and book depreciation expense accordingly. A finance lease is non-cancellable and generally allows a longer term as compared to an operating lease.

Operating Lease

The “off-books” lease because the asset and the lease obligation do not appear in the lessee’s balance sheet. However, specialized assets do not qualify for operating leases.

Sale and Lease Back

A type of Finance Lease where DBP Leasing Corporation will purchase the lessee’s existing equipment then lease the same asset back to the seller-lessee. This is a creative way for the lessee to raise working capital without drawing on its credit lines with banks.

Amortized Commercial Loan

The suitable method of financing when the legal title to the asset being financed needs to be in the name of the borrower, for practical or regulatory purposes. Examples of such assets are public buses, trucks for hire, etc.

Receivables Discounting (Factoring)

DBP Leasing will discount the receivables of suppliers, vendors and service providers from the government and prime private corporations. It is a practical and cost-efficient way for companies to attain immediate liquidity ahead of the collection due dates of their receivables.

What Assets Can We Finance?

DBP Leasing will finance assets that are durable and have a good resale value. Examples are fleet of vehicles, construction equipment, medical equipment, vessels, aircraft and their corresponding ground handling facilities, as well as buildings and warehouses.
Ideally, the asset is brand-new, so we can finance a higher amount of up to 90% depending on the type of asset and the borrower’s credit risk rating. We can also finance slightly used but durable assets that still have many years of economic life left..

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