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DBP Leasing Corporation is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. For any concerns and inquiries, you may contact our office at (632) 5304-7916 (Contact Us) or send an email to customerservice@dbp-leasing.ph. You may also call the BSP Financial Consumer Protection Department at (632) 708-7087 or send an email to consumeraffairs@bsp.gov.ph


I. Mandate

DBPLC provides financial products and services to help private enterprises and publicly owned entities acquire brand-new and/or second-hand equipment in good condition and other productive capital assets. The company offers alternative and easy lease-to-own financing solutions for the acquisition of new technology and capital-intensive equipment for transport, logistics, construction, manufacturing, plant machineries, hospital and medical equipment, sustainable energy or energy efficiency systems, warehouses, and office buildings. As a government financial institution, DBPLC is committed to assist in the economic growth and development of the Philippines by providing leasing and other relevant financing services responsive to the needs of its customers.

Vision Statement

By 2023, DBPLC shall continue to be a major provider of leasing and other asset-based financing services to the public and private sectors, with emphasis on SMEs, in support of the government’s priorities to bring about nationwide development.

Mission Statement

To provide public and private enterprises access to leasing and financing services in support of the government’s priorities and nationwide development.

These are emphasized in the organization’s Core Values of Integrity, Transparency, Quality, Relevance, and Teamwork.

Quality Policy

The DBP Leasing Corporation is a government financial institution committed to provide leasing and financing services responsive to the public and private sectors in support of the government's priorities to bring about nationwide development.

In pursuit of this commitment, we shall:

  • Uphold our stakeholders' interests and strive for utmost customer satisfaction and fulfillment by adopting standards of excellence in our processes, to enable us to consistently deliver quality services;
  • Strictly adhere to the principles of good governance and comply with applicable domestic and international laws and regulations, through the engagement of competent and professional people to ensure transparency and fairness in all our dealings; and
  • Continuously improve our services by managing our resources and adopting best practices, in order to enhance our existing financial products and introduce new ones, in accordance with economic and market conditions. DBPLC shall therefore, strive to implement and continually improve the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Country above self.

With the help of God Almighty.

       II. Corporate Operating Budget

            Strategy Map

            Performance Scorecard Targets


      III. Annual Procurement Plan – Common Supplies and Equipment (APP-CSE)

             Annual Procurement Plan–non-Common Supplies and Equipment (APP-non CSE)

            Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicators (APCPI)

            Procurement Monitoring Report (20202021)

      IV. Annual Financial Reports and Accomplishment

             Audited Financial Statements

       V.  Customer Satisfaction Survey

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